Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spidvid: Let's create better videos!

The start-up scene is always sprawling with action. Individuals keep coming up with brilliant ideas to tackle a problem at hand. If you ever heard of Youtube, you can relate to the fact, that the online video sharing platform is filled with low quality videos. Enter the new service round the corner - Spidvid. It is a platform which brings together video creators and professionals, who would ultimately produce quality entertaining videos. It doesn't end here; they go further, distribute the videos and generate compensation for their contribution to the effort.

It is an inventive concept accented by a beautiful user interface. It is easy to use and very responsive. You can choose any role you want on the video creation life cycle. You may be a video creator, a professional who can act, write, edit or even an amateur who has video ideas which, you would like to be created by others. This way you get in touch with people with similar interests and learn from their experiences.

Spidvid will raise the bar for online videos. It brings together people from different corners of the planet, with a common goal of producing quality videos. Right now, Spidvid is offered as a beta service. As more and more users join the bandwagon, the talent pool will get richer, as you have more contributors.

Getting content onto the website is a task which the marketing team needs to pay attention to. I would like to have a section to see some clips of the videos created on Spidvid.

Overall, it is a good beginning to a new frontier in video collaboration. Spidvid has given users the tools which they need to connect and develop videos outside a single fortified studio. By making it open to public, the content will cross the geographical boundaries and be enjoyed by a wide range of viewers.

So, let's get started and create some videos!