Thursday, September 15, 2011

Virtualbox-Windows 8 developer preview installation error

Downloaded the Windows 8 developers preview yesterday but only to find I could not get it installed on a Oracle Virtualbox. I tried both 32-bit and 64 bit version on a Win 7 64 bit machine(HP EliteBook 8440p). The 32-bit got stuck at the following screen. I need to look for help on this error 0x81B8C63B

EDIT: From "Smiley"'s comments below, after I turned the Virtualization option ON from the BIOS menu at startup, I was able to install windows 8. Thanks.
Surprisingly, I have a Ubuntu virtual machine and it runs fine without turning on the Vitualization option.


Michael Galt said...

I'm getting the same error!!
My PC is a P4 3.0 with plenty or RAM.. I'm running Win7 32..

I'm using the latest virtualbox

Smiley said...


I was getting exactly the same error message until turning off hyper threading in BIOS. (Lenovo T410 laptop Core I5, 8GB RAM)

niko20 said...


I had the same error, was finally able to get it working.

Smiley's comment led me to the BIOS, and I found that Intel Virtualization was not turned on. I turned it ON, and then went back into windows, and now everything works - Windows 8 is loading in Virtual Box just fine now.

Michael Galt said...

I've turned off hyere threading in the Bios.. in virtual box settings I've set IO APIC, PAE/NX both on..
and I'm still getting this error

jakson0100 said...

Virtual Box seems to have more success loading the Windows 8 image than either VMWare’s or Microsoft’s offerings. So, grab a Virtual Box if you haven’t already (why not? It’s free!) and create a new system, using “Other Windows” as the OS type. I don’t know what the minimum required specs are for Windows 8, but I gave the VM 4096Mb of RAM and 60Gb hard drive, which should be plenty. Choose to create a new start-up hard disk using the VDI file format. (More detailed instructions on these steps can be found at